I am a conceptual multi-disciplinary artist that works across media.

I am interested in systems and structures as they relate to our global economy and community, and how they affect our current world structure. This body of work highlights my recent projects which draw inspiration from a variety of sources that relate back to two themes: systems and water.

The projects presented in this portfolio have the ability to collapse down and travel in a backpack, and they often reuse elements from one piece in the next work. They are influenced by the architecture of nomadic cultures, both past and present, as well as my personal experiences on long hiking or biking trips. Some pieces balance on a single thread, supported by the tension in a wire. Other works are stretched taut between two frames, hanging suspended in the air. This work emphasizes the structural elements of each project as parts of a greater system.

I believe my work brings a greater understanding of unseen systems and how they relate to our everyday lives.